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Ten years after its definition, in particular concretized by the creation of the France Domaine service, the State's real estate policy has made it possible to improve the inventory of the State's real estate assets at € 66 billion as of December 31, 2015 and its modernization, underline the authors of this report.But the model of financing the maintenance and the modernization of the park by the fruit of the sales 'n' is not sustainable ', because the annual amount of these receipts is strongly dependent on some exceptional operations In 2016, four disposals accounted buy hygetropin for 49% of the total sales, the rest being generated by 909 other operations. Moreover, to boost its real estate policy, the State first offered for sale the most attractive which has resulted in the progressive constitution of a stock of hard-to-yield goods. Half of the 1,375 properties planned to be divested this year were already on sale in 2015, the authors of the report say. They also mention the 'worrying' situation of the maintenance of public buildings, as a result of the renunciation of works. to achieve 'one-off and easy savings' in a constrained budgetary context, but which 'increases (t) the cost ultimately borne by public finances.' 'Budgetary buy cheap jintropin online opportunism seems to have prevailed over the real estate strategy', say the If a reform took Gensci Jintropin place in 2016, it remained 'shy and short termist', was focused Cialis on governance issues (with the replacement of the France Domain service by a Directorate of Real Estate of the State) and thus provides only a 'limited response' to the flaws of the State's real estate policy. The fact that 'France appears to be lagging behind its European neighbors' and the general trend igtropin benefits central to the centralization and enhancement of the public real estate heritage, the authors of the report, which make twelve recommendations, call on the new executive to define 'a new stage in the real igf-1 for sale implementation of the state real estate policy.' In a statement last weekend, the Minister of Action and Public Accounts Gérald Darmanin announced the forthcoming publication of this report and its intention to engage, after analyzing the conclusions of this report, a 'deep reflection' as for the good use of the real estate of the State, within the framework of the serious budget requested by the president of the Republic and the Prime Minister. '(Myriam Rivet, edited by Yves Clarisse) 2017 Thomson Reuters.Reuters content is the intellectual property of Thomson Reuters or its third party content providers.