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Everyone knows Emilfork, by television (Mandarin in Tony, the son of the circus in 1961 and Kanak in Cherib Bibi in 1974) or by cinema (barbouze in 1957 in the Spies of Clouzot, dragonfly in 1976 in the Casanova de Fellini , or mad scientist three years ago in igf-1 supplements the City of lost children of Caro and Jeunet). Everyone knows it because it is unforgettable: not a retina can withstand the impact of Emilfork's face.

We do not doubt the quality of the work done at La Cod Normande. The least that can be said, however, is that the La Morue Normande factory will not keep this proprietary specialty for a very long time! From time to time, we have heard from them, by passing witnesses who have I saw with their eyes a few moments, who exchanged a few words with them, and which assure us that they seemed to be very well, and then an anonymous voice rose in the silence of the room where we are alone, and she announces us bluntly, without any of those details which might soften the sadness of our sorrow, with an indifferent precision of civil status, that they died, at that hour, the day before.