The request is the subject of a reasoned answer within 8 weeks of the acknowledgment of receipt of the dossier in its complete and correct form. Animals of non-domestic species and in particular protected species may be used in experiments under reserves restrictions imposed under the laws and regulations applicable to protected species (Decree No. 2013 118). 'Experimentation should be conducted in such a way that any suffering is avoided'. When choosing between procedures, should be selected those that.

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The most recent is Directive 2000/84 / EC of the European Parliament. States remain very much within the time limit of their borders, but any modification would inevitably lead to negotiations with our partners. France is also in a particular situation in the EU, since it is in d with the universal time of one hour, which means that it is GMT + 1 in winter and GMT + 2 in a further difficulty. to set the record straight?

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